HGT14 in 64 seconds

Videos of last year can be found on our community website.


You'll learn a lot, we promise!

We've puzzeled, we hemmed and we hawed and we can finally release the schedule!

Time Topic
09:30 Tobias Jeger
Sonja Wraith
Arje Cahn
10:40 Coffee
11:10 Frank van Lankvelt
Ivor Boers (Finalist)
Hugo Valk (I-Bridge)
Oscar Scholten & Marijan Milicevic
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Geertjan Wielenga (Oracle)
Jeroen Reijn
Dennis Knight (Elastic Path)
Mathijs den Burger
15:20 Coffee
15:50 David Roe (AuthX)
Martijn Hodenpijl
Ate Douma
Ard Schrijvers
17:00 The end
Boat Trip with pizza and beer
20:00 The real end


Interesting Talks to Inspire

These speakers bring a great variety of experience, we'll have CTOs, marketers, partners and clients share their stories

The day will start at 09:00 and will be finished around 17:30, the boat ride will take some two hours after that.

  • Arje Cahn

    Hippo CTO

    Hippo's future plans

  • Sonja Wraith

    Hippo Marketing

    On marketing crimes

  • Hugo Valk


    Client Case

  • Marijan Milicevic


    Hippo Essentials in action


  • Ivor Boers


    Automated quality control on HST configuration

  • Jeroen Reijn

    Hippo Architect

    Hippo CMS Integration Patterns

  • Dennis Knight

    Elastic Path

    Combining Elastic Path and Hippo

  • Ard Schrijvers

    HST Hero

    What I used to dislike about the hairdresser


  • Martijn Hodenpijl

    QA Aficionado

    Documenting your best practices

  • David Roe


    The Future of Digital Marketing Platforms and JCR

  • Mathijs den Burger

    Slayer of Xinha

    Developing the new Hippo UI

  • Geertjan Wielenga


    NetBeans: A great Hippo development tool


  • Oscar Scholten

    Hippo Product Manager

    Hippo Essentials

  • Frank van Lankvelt

    Hippo Data Labs

    Big data and Hippo

  • Tobias Jeger


    You want what? Working with Hippo's very own marketers

  • Ate Douma

    Hippo's Platform Architect

    Experiences in Open Source


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