Fantastic talks about all things Hippo

More video's of last year can be found on our community website.

  • Your chance to speak

    Two hundred people eagerly awaiting your story. Please let us know (before April 1st) if you have an interesting talk!

    You'll be joined by our product management, implementation veterans and the architects and brains behind the product.

  • Learn the stuff

    We'll discuss the roadmap, the current state of affairs and other interesting talks will cover the entire Hippo spectrum. In-depth workshops to provide you with the knowledge you need. The day is aimed at technically inclined people, but not limited to developers.

  • Easy atmosphere

    The community is united in its knowledge and use of Hippo CMS. Whether they're ten year veterans or they've learned Hippo just two weeks ago, everyone will learn a thing or two (or fourteen).

  • Relax

    The day will be finished with drinks and food, allowing you a chance to catch up, ask those deep-dive questions and get to know your fellow community members in a new light.


Because a free event costs money

This year we are hosting bigger than ever GetTogether, more speakers, more attendees, multiple tracks and we cannot cover the costs alone any more. We are looking for sponsors, if you'd like to help, we will shower you in praise and will forever hold your name in the highest of esteem :-) Please let us know if you'd like to be involved, we have the following packages defined, but we're flexible.

  • Main sponsor - €4,500

    As main sponsor you will take care of the vital networking party on the water. Every year the GetTogether is finished with a widely attended two hour boat-ride, with beers and pizzas.

    • Boat ride will be branded in all communication
    • Speaker slot of 20 minutes
    • Two full Hippo Developer trainings at half price
    • Two banners can be placed at venue
    • Logo prominently displayed, right here
    • Branded version of the day's summary and company talk videos

  • Sponsor - €2,000

    As sponsor you will clearly show that you are interested in the Hippo Community and its members. We will make sure everyone knows.

    • Speaker slot of 20 minutes
    • A full Hippo Developer trainings at half price
    • A banner can be placed at venue
    • Logo prominently displayed, right here
    • Branded version of the day's summary and company talk videos

  • Supporter - €500

    As supporter you show your commitment to the Hippo Community, which we'll show by placing your banner prominently right here.





    Main Sponsor









Interested? Let us know!


Oh yes! I want to join

Entrance is free of charge

Please note that we offer a 15% discount for Hotel Arena on the days surrounding the GetTogether. Please use code HIPPO052014 or use this link.